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Shown below below are the standard Disabled Parking Sign.

Of course we can custom make and parking signs you need.
If you wish to change the text, colors, or size of the sign,
please refer to“Custom  Aluminum Signs”. The dimensions
of these signs are 12” x 18”.  Please order these signs by
 number.  The text, colors, and size of these signs come as described.


 Reserved Parking Disabled Handicap Sign

$34.95 each

Handicap Sign Disabled Parking

$34.95 each

 Handicap Signs Disabled Van Accessible

$34.95 each

Handicap SIgns Disabled Parking with arrows

$34.95 each



 Van Accessible - x 12

4 x 12 attachment


Fine 200 - 300

Fine - 01
4 x 12 attachment